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Why Gold Membership?

In Today’s Fiercely Competitive World, Everyone Strives To Elevate Themselves. Advancing In Technology And Refining Work Methods Is Vital For Growth And Efficiency. However, This Pursuit Often Comes With A Hefty Price Tag. At Bitv, We’ve Revolutionized This High-Level Working Style To Make It Not Just Accessible But Remarkably Affordable. Our Gold Membership Offers A Unique Opportunity For Financial And Insurance Advisors Looking To Stand Out And Operate Differently. Joining Bitv’s Gold Membership Opens Doors To A Realm Of Innovative Working Methods That Were Previously Financially Out Of Reach. Unlock Your Potential And Embrace A Smarter, More Cost-Effective Approach To Your Profession With Bitv’s Gold Membership.

Membership features

(1)- Professionally Edited video

(2)- Ownership of The Investor Club

(3)- 2 Hrs mentoring per week

(4)- Networking Physical Event in 5 star Hotel – 2 times in a year

(5)-Two Video of Customer
( Client Testimonial or Public Issue )


(1)- Professionally Edited video

Making personal talk videos is crucial for businessmen. These videos help unknown people get to know you, see you, and understand more about you. When people can connect with you through videos, they start liking you and can become your fans. This trust and connection make them interested in doing business with you and using your services. So, creating personal talk videos is a great way to build relationships and trust in the business world.

(2)- Ownership of the Investor Club

The meaning of business is helping others and solving people’s problems. Through an investor’s club, you can assist those who have invested or bought insurance and felt cheated with no one to help them. By using BitV’s channel, you can raise their voice and provide a service that many people will appreciate. This kind of support can attract many people to join your club. As a result, you’ll have a pool of individuals who might become your clients for purchasing financial products in the future.

(3)- 2 Hrs mentoring per week

Consistency is a key success factor in business. However, maintaining consistency can be challenging due to factors like lack of confidence, facing failures, and not having the right knowledge or guidance. Weekly mentoring plays a crucial role in keeping you motivated, suggesting the right path, and continuously providing new knowledge. During the two-hour weekly mentoring sessions, you also gain practical knowledge on how to create videos. This way, you stay on track, stay motivated, and acquire the skills needed for success in your business endeavors.

To succeed in any business, it’s crucial to meet and learn from people who are ten times more successful than us. Our networking program, held in a 5-star hotel, provides the chance to meet accomplished individuals in the financial industry from around the world. This not only offers a learning opportunity from their experiences but also allows you to connect with visionary people in the financial sector. Meeting these successful and visionary individuals can significantly contribute to your growth and success in the business world.

(4)- Networking Physical Event in 5 star Hotel - 2 times in a year

(5)-Two Video of Customer ( Client Testimonial or Public Issue )

One can be a testimonial from your existing clients, showcasing their positive experiences. The other video addresses unresolved issues of known or unknown individuals who faced problems with the company they bought investments or insurance plans from. These testimonial videos help enhance your reputation as a reliable financial or insurance advisor, boosting people’s confidence in your services. 

When you feature videos highlighting people’s concerns and struggles with other companies, it not only serves as an advertisement for your company but also makes you more well-known. These kinds of videos tend to go viral quickly, increasing your visibility and reputation in the market. It’s a powerful way to build trust and attract more clients to your services.

BITV Gold Member Fees

Just Rs. 50,000/- Per month

Big Offer For Limited Time Period 

3 Months Trial Package

Just @ Rs. 39000/-

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Madhya Pradesh

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Activities We Completed

BITV, which stands for Business Intelligence Television, is a dedicated channel established in 2018, specifically catering to financial and insurance advisors in India. The primary objective of BITV is to provide a platform for successful financial advisors to share their knowledge and expertise through interviews and discussions.

About BITV

The channel serves as a medium for accomplished insurance and financial advisors, CEOs, and MDs from the financial and insurance industries, as well as prominent trainers within the financial sector, to showcase their experiences and insights. By featuring these experts, BITV aims to empower and educate other financial advisors, enabling them to enhance their skills and excel in their careers.

In addition to conducting interviews, BITV takes its commitment to supporting financial advisors further by organizing training and motivational programs. These initiatives help advisors stay updated with the latest industry trends, acquire new skills, and stay motivated to achieve their professional goals.

Ranjit Singh

Financial Advisor | Life Insurance Advisor |
Health Insurance Advisor | Mutual Fund Advisor

Ranjit Singh is a Certified Financial Planner who began his financial planning practice in 2007. Over the years, he developed a keen interest in business media and had a strong desire to share his knowledge and insights on financial planning. In 2018, he launched his own YouTube channel named “bitv” with the goal of becoming a prominent figure on a business media platform.

Since the inception of his YouTube channel, Ranjit Singh has been actively helping financial and insurance advisors. He achieves this by conducting interviews with successful financial advisors and arranging training and learning programs for those in the financial advisory field.

Ranjit Singh’s efforts have not been limited to the local sphere; he has managed to conduct two successful international-level programs, further establishing himself as a recognized expert in the financial industry.

Throughout his journey, Ranjit Singh has had the privilege of interviewing numerous accomplished individuals from the financial and insurance sectors. Some notable names among those he has interviewed include Santosh Nair, a successful trainer, Nilesh Sathe, former CEO of LIC Mutual Fund and an IRDA member, Vinay Sah, former CEO of LIC Housing Finance and Maharashtra Ombudsman, and Late Ajay Arora, the founder of DATACOMP.

Through his YouTube channel and interactions with industry experts, Ranjit Singh continues to play a significant role in guiding and empowering financial and insurance advisors to achieve success in their careers. His contributions have undoubtedly left a positive impact on the financial advisory community.




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